Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Matthew Rodriguez's Additional Assignment #3

I thought this was a pretty cool video and may I just say that the drawer in the video is very talented. The most important thing in the video to me is where Mr. Robinson talks about how the children's scores go down as they get older. This is because as we grow up we are taught in school to only think one way and not be different. Society is no different, we shun those who appear to be different from us and try to avoid them at all cost. I believe that our education system is flawed but I don't have a answer to fix it but, I hope someone in the future will have one. I just hope it is fixed before my kids go through what I had to which is, as the Mr. Robinson suggest in the video, utter chaos. If I had to do a video like this with others I would either be the narrator because I am great at public speaking or either the artist because I am always pretty good at that too.

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