Monday, October 25, 2010

Matthew Rodriguez's Blog Post #10

1. An Open Letter To Educators
The guy made some interesting points and I hate to admit it but I agree with most of them. I was just thinking to myself earlier today, "Why do I even need to go to school?" I have been in school for 16 years of my life now and feel that if I'm not qualified for a job by now I never will be. 16 years!?! 16 years of school and memorizing facts, as the guy pointed out in the video, and yet society demands more. What is the point? America as a whole is one of the dumbest countries around and while we like to believe we are the best, the fact is we're not. Why do we pay thousands of dollars to go sit in class and listen to a teacher preach about facts of the American Revolution or do stupid projects in computer classes that we learned how to do in high school? Since my time here at South Alabama, I have learned nothing that I haven't already learned in high school and haven't learned anything valuable that could help me out in the real world. COLLEGE IS POINTLESS TO ME RIGHT NOW!

2. Don't Let Them Take The Pencils Home!

I really like the message in this blog post. Far too often teachers focus on the cause of a problem, but not on a solution for the problem itself. If a student begins to wonder off into la la land and play hang man, a teacher should look at it this way. At least they are learning math and spelling at the same time lol.

3. Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

What Is My Sentence? Matthew Rodriguez is one of finest, hardest working people I know. Teachers have actually given my parents that exact compliment before and it is true. I have a very hard work ethic and strive to be the best at whatever I put my mind to.
Was I Better Today Than Yesterday? Great question, I kind of have my own little version that I do every night before I go sleep. I ask myself, did I make a impact in someone's life today? I like to think I did whether it be something small like making someone's day by speaking to them or going to check on a friend when she is sick. I guess you could say I have that "Pay It Foward" mindset and hopefully good Karma will favor me in the future.

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