Thursday, October 7, 2010

Matthew Rodriguez's Blog Post #7

Wow!!!!! Ok, just to let you know I am really, really, really, really mad right now. I typed up 4 paragraphs about this video and go to publish post, click it, and the internet drops...I LOVE THE GROVE!!! I going to try my best to rethink of what I had but I have to be somewhere in about 10 minutes so I'm about to do a really, quick overview of what I had originally typed.

In this video Mr. Randy opened up talking about his cancer and then went on to talk about his childhood dreams. He described in detail each dream and how he wanted to accomplish his dreams. He talked about his dream of being in zero gravity and how he wanted to be a Disney Imagineer. After he worked with the Imagineer's they offered him a job and he, to the surprise of him and his dad, turned it down.

He then talked about how he could help others achieve their goal and he decided to become a professor. He became a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and he started a new class where students would create projects instead of use books. He showed some of the student projects and talked about how blown away he was with their projects.

The last part of the video he talked about dying happy. He said we should set goals for ourselves and strive to reach them. Once we reach our goals we should then try and help others reach their goals. I loved how Mr. Randy used comedy in his presentation. I like him believe comedy is great tool in keeping the audiences interest and also to keep them awake. Giving a presentation is all about making a connection to the audience.

Ok 5 minutes left and I really got to run. I wish the Groves Internet wasn't so crappy because the 1st draft was 20 times better.

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  1. Hi Matthew! My name is Brooke and I am your C4C for the week! Sorry to hear about your internet dropping. I actually work for the Grove, and if your internet drops a lot I would advise you to call the front desk to get Wavelengths number, they are our internet providers, and may can give you some advice about getting a better internet connection!

    On to our blog post number 7! I really enjoyed this video. I found myself getting really emotional...haha go figure, I am one of those emotional girls! :) This video made me realize how important I can be to my future students. I can tell them about this video that I got to watch, and go on to tell them to dream BIG and never give up because dreams can come true!

    This video taught me a lot. Sometimes life can be hard, and doesn't always go like we want it to go (for example: your internet)! We must remember not to ever give up so easily! So despite your difficulties of trying to get good internet connection, good job on you blog post, and for not just "giving up" and turning in late work!