Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Matthew Rodriguez's Blog Post 8

1. This Is How We Dream Parts 1 & 2

Mr. Miller talks about how now, more than ever, is the most important time for reading and writing in today's society. During the video Mr. Miller shows various ways the Internet can be used in education. He combines hundreds of apps together like iTunes and Nova to make it easier to access information from a students standpoint.  He foresees a time when books will be obsolete and students will strictly use the Internet to do schoolwork. He and his colleague are working on such programs for the future that he hopes to release in the near future.

2. The Chipper Series & EDM310 for Dummies

Mr. Strange says in the video himself, "You know I'm old fashioned, I don't like to change alot." Education takes that same approach in our schools of today. I've actually heard teachers say, "It's my way or the highway." That is such a narrow minded way of teaching students. Everyone is different and everyone has their own way of learning so don't you think that teachers should accomodate their lesson to try and get the most out of their students? I do.

EDM for Dummies was kind of funny. I have felt frustrated at times with this class and to be honest after this class, I doubt I ever use any of these apps again like Twitter, Skype, and PLE. I don't really see how these apps can make you a better teacher in my opinion. Skype may be the only exception because lets say a student is sick and can't attend school. They can Skype their teacher and listen in to the lecture that way they don't miss any important material.

3. Smartboards

Smartboards don’t change the model that’s broken. They just make that model way more expensive. This is the problem with society today. If we have a problem, lets not try and fix it but instead lets just throw money at it. I personally don't really care one way or the other about smartboards and feel that like one blog said, "It just gives a wow factor that last about 30 mins." This is our reality, a sad irrationality that is keeping our society down.


  1. I am really glad to see that I'm not the only person with that opinion about the Smartboards. I think technology is great, don't get me wrong, but I think education can be completed without tons of money thrown into things like Smartboards.

  2. Yeh, I think smartboards are overrated also. Do i think they can be beneficial for certain subject areas in certain grades, of course I do. But I couldn't agree with every teacher in every grade having one when current tools work fine for their particular subject areas.
    Fancy toys cost a lot of money. A lot of schools don't have enough textbooks for all the students, yet they have smartboards? I understand that a certain amount of money is allotted specifically for technology, but I can't justify being so strict about funds when other essential things are needed.