Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Matthew Rodriguez's Projects 3 & 6

Project 3 for Teachers Jenny's Learning Journal

When I was given Mrs. Jenny's blog I commented on a video that suggested that we should listen to kids more often. The video had a 12 year old girl standing in front of a huge audience and she was teaching them why children should not be underrated. The video was about 30 minutes long and I noticed that Mrs. Jenny said that she was a little embarrassed because a 12 year old girl taught her something that she didn't know. I told Mrs. Jenny that she should not be embarrassed because no one is ever done learning and that she should also be happy that her students know so much information. After 2 weeks she only posted one new video talking about how her school had a Dragon Dance. The children of the school wanted to put on a play that displayed their heritage in it so, they decided to make a streaming dragon that they have in Chinese festivals. It was a magnificent site. Other children also showed off their martial arts skills and pretty Chinese umbrellas.

Projects 6 Comments for Kids

The first time I commented on Noel's blog was on one of her post entitled When I First Met You. This was a blog about how she judged people before she even got to know them as a person. She said she didn't like the person at first but then after getting to know them, she realized that they have alot in common and now they are best friends. I told Noel to never judge a book by its cover and to always give people a chance because people will always have a way of surprising you like her friend did in her blog. After 2 weeks I returned to find that Noel has been very busy. She has posted all sorts of things ranging from drawing of colonial houses to comic book scenes she thought was cool. The coolest thing by far that I found on her blog was the water cycle animation she had done in class. It is a picture that she had drew of how water evaporates from the sea and then condensates over land as rain. She then took the picture, scanned it in to her computer and put in blinking arrows to show which way the water was evaporating. It was a very cool blog.

When I first commented on Nacho's blog it was about his vacation in Jamaica. He told stories of him swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with his family as the watched the thousands of fish swim underneath. After 2 weeks I returned to the blog and noticed that Nacho only had 2 new post. One entitled "A Day In The Jungle" and the other entitled "The Beach". The first was about a boy named Juan that wanted to catch a monkey in the jungle. He chased a monkey up a tree and finally caught not 1 but 3 monkeys. The last post was about his day at the beach. He said he saw a fox by a cave on the beach. He followed the fox in and found that the fox was a mommy and had delivered new baby foxes the night before.

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