Monday, November 29, 2010

Matthew Rodriguez's Blog Post #13

1. Alabama Learning Exchange

The Alabama Learning Exchange is a communal database of lesson plans created and posted by teachers of all grades ranging from kindergarten to high school. It is a searchable database that includes traditional subject areas as well as modern teaching areas such as technology, and information literacy. It is a well developed and organized way to give teachers the opportunity to create their own personal learning space where they can save or upload their own lessons. I can see how this will be helpful for teachers. You can view other peoples lesson plans and pull some ideas from them or you could potentially get together with other teachers and collaborate to make assignments together. I think this is probably the first thing I've seen that could be useful to me when I become a teacher and I intend to use it when that day does come.


ACCESS, which stands for Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators & Students Statewide, is a statewide distance learning initiative that will allow schools to help other schools by offering advanced level courses and electives that might not otherwise be available. ACCESS has even helped out a school that was in my county that I graduated from. In Clarke County there is a small town called Coffeeville, it is here that ACCESS has given more than $93,656.00 dollars in funding to help Coffeeville High School students have the necessary core classes to graduate. For several years, the students at Coffeeville High School have depended on distance learning web-based course/credit that provide them with some of the electives, core, and advanced courses required for the Alabama High School Diploma/exit options.
The new blend of interactive videoconferencing courses and web-based courses will expand and enhance opportunities to improve students' achievement mentally, socially, technologically, and academically by utilizing advanced technology to maximize and expand learning opportunities.

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